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生を受け それぞれが人生を謳歌
脳のブラックボックスを知る それは幸か?
さぁ行こうか 踏み出す それは今日だ
やっぱ日々は如何せん こう
そつなく過ごしてちゃ NO NO

♬ you can make it to the sunrise ♪


"Wake up! Little Prince!" ♥

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there is no known cure.

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  • Final Fantasy X Meme - Character Name Meanings

6. WAKKA - (indigenous) Ainu - "water" x

      - possible form of “waka” - Japanese, meaning “poetry” x

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the journey [elle plays ffx] - 39/?
     can we just talk about the woman in the second gif?
like, how earlier she was holding a baby…and now she’s not.

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